Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Andrea was fantastic. She showed us untouristy places which were great!I love your greeter program - am trying to think how to start it in my hometown.

Visitor: Leslie Snyder – United States – 19/06/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

I am so glad I found out about Greeters! My time in Sydney was definitely enhanced by having Karen to take me around. I would never have visited the Governor's house on my own. Karen emailed me a few times before I came which meant we had the broken the ice when we met. We ended up spending the whole day together and had a very enjoyable time. I will certainly recommend Greeters to my friends and suggest they ask for Karen if they are coming to Sydney!!

Visitor: Hazel Cantoni – United Kingdom – 25/08/2017

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

I enjoyed the experience with my greeter it was awesome. I got to see parts of Sydney I was not familiar of. Lisa was very friendly and I appreciated the history lesson about Australia. She taught me how to take the train around Sydney. With her help I was able to get around Sydney using the train. I would recommend a greeter to anyone who travels to Sydney. I am truly grateful for my Syndey Greeter experience.

Visitor: Lanai Odum – United States – 03/08/2017

Greeter: Lisa Meyer

Nick and Liz have been very kind. They walked us around, giving us many hints about what we could visit after they would have gone. They pleased us with interesting stories about places, trees, art. Plus Nick prepared a "artsy surprise" for my kids, so they could paint as the aboriginal people used to, learning about simple signs. Really an awesome afternoon. Thank you!!!

Visitor: Silvia Bagnacani – Italy – 12/08/2017

Greeter: Nick Barbarino

I really had a very walk with Rick in the CBD. We went to some places I would never found by myself it was exactly what I was expecting from this walk. I enjoy the way Rick presented me the city! Many thanks

Visitor: Pauline VERNAIRE – Australia – 18/08/2017

Greeter: Rick Edwards

We jad a wonderful time with Lyn! She shpwed is around and gave us lots of great information and recommendations. I'm so glad we arranged for the greet.

Visitor: Linda Gallagher – United States – 03/09/2017

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Had a great experience with the Sydney Greeters. Got to know Sydney from a new perspective. Graham, my Greeter, gave me the choice between three different options and was really knowledgeable. Thank you.

Visitor: Mara Meiler – Switzerland – 30/08/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

The greeting went amazing! we managed to discover the heart of Sydney more than we ever had imagined. Our greeter was amazing! she showed us so much in just the short 2 hours that we had. we wish we had more time with her. it was amazing to have the opportunity to see Sydney in the eyes of a local. We're so happy with how welcome and warm our greeter was.It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip to Sydney!Thank you so much for providing this opportunity <3

Visitor: Liyana Azizul – Australia – 31/08/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Hi! Just want to thank Peter for touring me around. He's knowledgeable about the place and I learned a lot. Thank you so much Peter 🙂 You are so kind and passionate with Sydney.

Visitor: aidyl jane simbulan – Philippines – 10/08/2017

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

Andrea show me wonderful places in Sydney. We had nice time together.

Visitor: Bozena Schoppa – Germany – 24/07/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

We had a great time ! It was lovely to visit Sidney with our fantastic guide! Thanks a lot!

Visitor: rita musiani – Italy – 12/08/2017

Greeter: Graham Spindler

Fantastic with Andrea!!!!

Visitor: Linda Reisinger – Austria – 10/08/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Our Greeter, Libby, did a fantastic job in explaining to us the story and history behind the different architecture we have seen. We also enjoyed the time spent sharing about our countries!

Visitor: Victoria Chong – Australia – 05/08/2017

Greeter: Libby Palmer

Hello, we had a great time with our Greeter Mark. He proposed us a walk in some neighborhoods of Sydney. He was very friendly with us, very understandable as english is not our mothertongue. He knows Sydney very well and provided us with interesting comments during our walk. Thank you greeters of Sydney !

Visitor: Arnaud SAVEAUX – France – 01/08/2017

Greeter: Mark Bayly

We had another wonderful walk with Graham who enthusiasm was and is highly appreciated. We look forward to the next opportunity to return to this beautiful city and learn about other areas in and around Sydney With best regards Mai

Visitor: John McRostie – Australia – 06/08/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

it was fun and enjoyable way to travel sydney. However, as i joined the melbourne greeter service few days before, i think sydney's greeter service can be more systemic with like route, information leaflet, etc. overall, its an extraordinary way to travel sydney. I recommended to my family and friends. thank you for the services.

Visitor: leanne choi – Australia – 17/07/2017

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

Our greeter was FANTASTIC! She was on point with her plans, pace and communication! We couldn't have asked for a better representative of your wonderful city. THANK YOU!!

Visitor: Patricia McFarlane – United States – 18/07/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Firstly, my greeter was Andrea. She kept in touch with me weeks before we even met up, which was very helpful and reassuring as it was my first time visiting Sydney. She let me know what to expect once I got there and also provided amazing tips. When I ended up meeting her in person, she was fun, friendly and so enthusiastic about her city! Meeting someone through this service is invaluable; so much better then walking around with your nose stuck in a travel guide or book!

Visitor: Paul Kennedy – United Kingdom – 14/06/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Spent a day at parks and of history. Especially the Sydney Botanical Garden! Lovely place, and would have preferred to explored around it longer if not due to limited time. Overall, pretty good experience.

Visitor: Joanne Lee – Australia – 23/06/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

My greeter Graham was fantastic and helpful! It was my first day in Sydney and the weather was lovely. This tour gives you a deeper understanding and a chance to interact with the locals. It was my pleasure to be exploring this wonderful city with my best greeter Graham! I enjoyed everything! Thanks Graham a lot for making the beginning of my stay so amazing!

Visitor: Alice Li – Australia – 04/07/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson