Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Great day with Ross. Loved seeing inside some of Sydney’s beautiful buildings and our trip to Glebe. Will definitely recommend Greeters when travel is back!

Visitor: Cari Coltrara – United States – 09/03/2020

Greeter: Ross Barnard

Karen was top notch fantastic!!!! We would have never found the things she showed us or known the significance of the things we seen if it want for her. She made our trip! She found things that interested us and focussed on those things as well as her regular tour. She even went out of her way to meet us at our hotel. We are so appropriative for her time, energy and thoughtfulness!!!!

Visitor: Marilyn Dykstra – Canada – 03/07/2019

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

Andrea was fantastic ..... we loved our city city tour with her and all her tips for Sydney....many thanks Cathy & Ralf

Visitor: cathy doyle-buschke – Canada – 01/08/2019

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

We had a wonderful afternoon with our greeter, Rhona! She was friendly,knowledgeable, helpful about any part of our trip and just a real joy to be around! She took us places we would have never seen without her and gave us such great information! And, it all felt like an afternoon with a friend! Thank you so much!!

Visitor: Sandra Howell – United States – 19/02/2020

Greeter: Rhona Ibbotson

Our Greeter, Lyn, was prompt and very friendly on arrival. We’ve used greeters in other Countries, and you just never quite know how the day will go; you could get a History buff who talks into your eyes glaze over or you’d like to put an ice pick in your ear, Or you might possibly get that one greeter that is very rigid with their schedule and everything must move along at a precise time, But our day with Lynn was a lovely combination of information and ease, history and hilarity!!!

Visitor: chance schroeder – United States – 14/11/2019

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

We had a terrific day long experience with Michele. She was delightful and knowledgeable not to mention very friendly. Thank you to her and to your graet greeter service.

Visitor: vincent backes – Belgium – 25/01/2020

Greeter: Michele Ritchie

Lyn was a fabulous host and we really enjoyed our time with her. She took us to many interesting places with strategic routes which we would not have been able to figure out ourselves as first timers. Thank you very much again for her kind hospitality.

Visitor: Ajaree Rayanakorn – Thailand – 04/11/2019

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

This was a great find. Karen was absolutely delightful. Her knowledge of the city was remarkable. We really enjoyed her company and would recommend to anyone

Visitor: Carmen Scott – United States – 27/11/2019

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

Thank You Sydney Greeters! We had the best day with Lyn Sheather. We corresponded for a couple of months before “our” day. It seemed like I already knew Lyn by the time we met. Lyn was very organized and very kind and helpful. I will highly recommend Sydney Greeters to anyone visiting Sydney.

Visitor: Lynda Grant – Canada – 11/02/2020

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Wonderful time.We went to places we would not have seen on our own, Great greet.

Visitor: Joseph Cooper – United States – 23/01/2020

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

I must say my greeter tour was one of the highlights of my trip. Ross Barnard was my greeter and he was well prepared and showed me many things that I would not have been able to see otherwise. He took me all over. He educated me and made me familiar with Sydney. I love the greeter program. Thank you. I give Ross a perfect rating.

Visitor: Michael Murphy – United States – 27/02/2020

Greeter: Ross Barnard

A great introduction to Sydney Thank you

Visitor: Lynne Kovacs – Canada – 07/03/2020

Greeter: William (Bill) Lewis

Thank you Ross, as always: Wunderful hours together with a greeter in her/his city.

Visitor: Philipp Kuhn – Germany – 16/02/2020

Greeter: Ross Barnard

Very accommodating, a pleasant experience, extremely well prepared, made the extra effort.

Visitor: Barbara Stone – United States – 08/02/2020

Greeter: Lex Lees

Very good. It really helped me to understand how to get around while visiting places I have since been too. It’s a great scheme and I tell people about it all the time!

Visitor: mary Fortune – United Kingdom – 14/02/2020

Greeter: Ross Barnard

Caroline was fantastic, I’ve learned so much with her thanks to her great knowledge & strong passion for Australia’s history.

Visitor: Apollonia Apollonia Capezzera – United Kingdom – 17/02/2020

Greeter: Caroline O'Neill

We really enjoyed our experience with Andrea. A big shout out to Andrea and the Greeters organization. We recommended this service to tourists that we have met while in Sydney. Thank you.

Visitor: Jane Hebert – Canada – 19/02/2020

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Ross Barnard provided a great personal walk though some of the inner Sydney suburbs. Enjoyed a good conversation and an Australian perspective on things.

Visitor: Bruce Blondina – United States – 11/02/2020

Greeter: Ross Barnard

Lyn is not only a really professional Sydney Greeter, she’s super kind and welcoming! Definitely made my stay a fantastic experience!!!!

Visitor: Amy Chang – Australia – 23/02/2020

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Lyn Sheather was a great host! we went on the Ferry to Cremone and took a walk through Sydney's beautiful neighborhood. I got to see parts of Sydney that I would have never seen on my own or on a tourist tour. Lyn taught me about Australia's history. I enjoyed the walking tour very much. Lyn offered to give me a tour the next morning before leaving the city and I greatly appreciated her. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!

Visitor: Adetolu Oyewo – United States – 02/01/2020

Greeter: Lynette Sheather