Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Firstly, my greeter was Andrea. She kept in touch with me weeks before we even met up, which was very helpful and reassuring as it was my first time visiting Sydney. She let me know what to expect once I got there and also provided amazing tips. When I ended up meeting her in person, she was fun, friendly and so enthusiastic about her city! Meeting someone through this service is invaluable; so much better then walking around with your nose stuck in a travel guide or book!

Visitor: Paul Kennedy – United Kingdom – 14/06/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Spent a day at parks and of history. Especially the Sydney Botanical Garden! Lovely place, and would have preferred to explored around it longer if not due to limited time. Overall, pretty good experience.

Visitor: Joanne Lee – Australia – 23/06/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

My greeter Graham was fantastic and helpful! It was my first day in Sydney and the weather was lovely. This tour gives you a deeper understanding and a chance to interact with the locals. It was my pleasure to be exploring this wonderful city with my best greeter Graham! I enjoyed everything! Thanks Graham a lot for making the beginning of my stay so amazing!

Visitor: Alice Li – Australia – 04/07/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

Andrea was excellent. She was passionate about Sydney, enthusiastic about sharing her time with my family and provided lots of excellent communication in the lead-up to and after our greet. We loved spending the morning with Andrea and have been "singing the praises" of Sydney Greeters in general and Andrea specifically to all our friends and family. Thank-you so much for helping to make our trip to Sydney amazing. Cheers, Jonathan

Visitor: Jonathan Brough – Australia – 26/06/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Margaret and I can't express how much we enjoyed our greet with Peter. We covered parts of Sydney that we had not seen, and would have never found without his guidance. Peter was so friendly and fun to be with, and very generous with his time. Our greet has been a highlight of the trip, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone visiting your wonderful city. Thanks again Peter!

Visitor: Brian Robinson – United States – 23/06/2017

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

Peter was delightful. Flexible about itinerary and knowledgeable about the area and logistics of getting around about town. It's a very nice service that is available. Thank you

Visitor: Larry DRyl – United States – 26/06/2017

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

Rick Edwards was our tour guide. His tour was very informative and interesting. We all enjoyed that very much. We would highly recommend the sydney greeters to other visitors.

Visitor: Sheryl Cheung – Australia – 29/06/2017

Greeter: Rick Edwards

It was great! I am very appreciate of Lisa devoting her time to showing me around. She was knowledgeable and very friendly!

Visitor: Emilia Rybak – United States – 30/06/2017

Greeter: Lisa Meyer

Had a great time . Graham was informative on the things abd places we went to. Thank you. Regina

Visitor: Regina Yip – Malaysia – 30/06/2017

Greeter: Graham Pearson

I enjoyed my time with Robin. And appreciated her knowledge of the local plants and history. Google lead me astray so I was late to the meeting point and I was thankful she waited for me.

Visitor: Markita Hall-Gumble – United States – 23/06/2017

Greeter: Robin Doohan

Greet was perfect, she took me to see all the places I want and told me about your culture and traditional things!

Visitor: Alen Halilovic – Croatia – 06/06/2017

Greeter: Yvonne Chan

Loved meeting Jackie, very informative and you can tell she loves her city. Jackie pointed out lots of places to us that we would have missed had we been walking around on our own, also took us to a great place for dinner Thanks Jackie

Visitor: Pam Young – United Kingdom – 21/05/2017

Greeter: Jackie Katz

We had a very interesting tour around the CBD of Brisbane with Dee together with three other guys. We had seen a lot of the city but the places Dee guided us were exciting. Thank you again and all the best for your future - Heike and Stefan

Visitor: Stefan Becker – Germany – 09/04/2017

Greeter: Robin Doohan

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Andrea

Visitor: Helen Coulter – Australia – 26/04/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

It was such a wonderful and pleasant time with Robin! She showed me so many things a tourist would never see! The Palisades is for sure one of my favorite places now in sydney! Thank you so much for your time, Robin!

Visitor: Barbara Graf – Austria – 25/04/2017

Greeter: Robin Doohan

I absolutely loved the tour! Robin was the loveliest person and really made my time in Sydney extra special.

Visitor: Emmilly Buurmeijer – Netherlands – 02/04/2017

Greeter: Robin Doohan

Great time with Andrea. Lucky to have a German speaking Greeter. Would do it always again. Vielen Dank liebe Andrea für deine vielen Tipps. Greeter sind eine tolle Möglichkeit, eine Stadt kennen zu lernen. Wir können Andrea nur empfehlen.

Visitor: Christiane Brzoska – Germany – 13/04/2017

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

We had a wonderful time in Sydney with our greeter Cheryl. She provided us with information prior to our arrival and gave a wonderful overview of Sydney.

Visitor: Tanya Thomas – United States – 10/04/2017

Greeter: Cheryl Russell

Lyn is a wonderful greeter and it was fantastic. It was a pleasure to meet her and learn more about Sydney. Thank you!

Visitor: Laurie Kelly – United States – 27/03/2017

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Lynette was lovely, even thought of sun screen and towels for our memory making trip to the out door pool. I hope to repay her hospitality Kx

Visitor: Kirsty Follett – United Kingdom – 24/03/2017

Greeter: Lynette Sheather