Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.


Visitor: Alexander Heuser – Germany – 08/08/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Graham gave us an outstanding interesting greet. One of the best moments during our trip through Australia. Thank you very much!!!

Visitor: Birgit Severin – Germany – 20/10/2018

Greeter: Graham Spindler

We had an extremely enjoyable day in Sydney with our greeter Michele Ritchie. Thanks to her enthousiasme, knowledge of the city and flexibility, we have discovered and learned a lot about Sydney. We would like to thank her again for her friendliness and for being our guide. We would certainly recommend her to others.

Visitor: Hans & Marie Havinga – Netherlands – 06/10/2018

Greeter: Michele Ritchie

Thank you to Sydney Greet for our walking tour of Sydney. We loved your vibrant city. We learned and saw so much due to the expert guidance of Cheryl Russell and we really appreciate that. The knowledge she has of the city that she was able to share with us was remarkable. How wonderful that your organization has people who volunteer their time and talents in this way. Thank you very much for the high quality tour! Susie Orr

Visitor: Susie Orr – United States – 25/10/2018

Greeter: Cheryl Russell

Apparently it was a very informative walk through the Rocks. Our students really enjoyed it - many thanks.

Visitor: fiona webster – Australia – 31/08/2018

Greeter: Brian Bowman

Great greet with Andrea! We really enjoyed the time with her in Sydney. Andrea has very good knowledge of 'her' city and shared a lot of interesting stories and memories with us! Lots of fun!

Visitor: Martin Eggl – Germany – 23/10/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Great company, very informative. The friendliest Sydneysider we could have met.

Visitor: Carolyn Bond – New Zealand – 27/09/2018

Greeter: Colin Pearshouse

We had a fantastic time with Peter.

Visitor: Laura Wrenn – United States – 09/10/2018

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

We really enjoyed that day a greeter sincerely explained many historic stories for us. When I return to my country, I would join in your group.

Visitor: Sohee Sohn – Australia – 11/10/2018

Greeter: Frances Gallagher

It is a fantastic way to get to know a bit more from the city from a local, a way of exchanging, getting to understand how the place where you are staying works and discovering places one would probably not visit or discover. I can only recommend the Sydney Greeters, thanks to all the volunteers.

Visitor: Katia Hoffmann – Germany – 16/10/2018

Greeter: Mark Bayly

It was a great experience to spend a few hours with Libby. She showed us art sculptures, informed us about Sydney‘s past and we could ask her everything. She is such a lovely person. We really appreciate this experience in Sydney. Thank you so much. Please send Libby our regards.

Visitor: Eva Langenbach – Germany – 12/11/2018

Greeter: Libby Palmer

We had a wonderful and interesting time with Karen who shared her love of Sydney and her local knowledge with us. We are pleased that we spent time with a Greeter.

Visitor: Libby and Rob Keane – Australia – 06/11/2018

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

We had a great time with Martina! She did an excellent job in catering the greet/tour to our interests. Was lovely to spend time with a local who was so passionate about Sydney. Would have liked more information before the greet. I did not expect Martina so spend so much time with us and therefore we had to cut our greet short as I had scheduled other activities following

Visitor: Krystal Mah – Canada – 11/11/2018

Greeter: Martina Ripping

My afternoon visit with Lynette was great. Despite the rainy weather we managed to see a lot of places I would not have found on my own. She is a “wealth” of information and passionate about Sydney. Once again a GREAT visit Irene Shrier

Visitor: irene shrier – United States – 07/11/2018

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Mark Bayly was a wonderful guide. He was friendly and informative and took us on the Taronga Zoo/Balmoral Beach walking track. We finished off with a delicious lunch at The Boat House. It was a perfect day!

Visitor: Laurel Rubin – Israel – 21/11/2018

Greeter: Mark Bayly

Mark was wonderful. We had a fantastic day.it was quite interesting as a Big Apple Greeter to get a visitor's perspective of a greet.

Visitor: Lori Lustig – United States – 01/08/2018

Greeter: Mark Bayly

Lyn was great!

Visitor: Linda Dority – United States – 31/07/2018

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Our guide was wonderful!!!! She took us to places that we would have never found ourselves. We shared a quick snack with her at the Opera house restaurant and she showed us where we could get tickets for an Indigenous dance performance. It was a wonderful way to start our vacation! Thank you Andrea, Thank you!!!!

Visitor: Marilyn Dykstra – Canada – 10/07/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Lyn, before coming to Sydney we chatted several times, so Lyn asked me questions to know my interests and she organised a trip according to them : listening music, testing food, a visit of the opera House with a guide who use to welcome blind people. thank you again Lyn, I recommend people to discover sydney with you

Visitor: karine garnier – France – 17/09/2018

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Andrea has been more than à guide to us. We enjoyed a lovely and warm tour of Sydney through the Rocks area and the Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk. We are coming back Andrea. So many thanks for your precious time. A big hug. Bernard

Visitor: Bernard Grutering – Belgium – 22/08/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati