Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Andrea was great! Enthusiastic, knowledable, and a great Ambassador of the city.

Visitor: Camara Chambers – Canada – 05/04/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

We had a fabulous tour with Andrea! She is so friendly and knowledgeable ...we went to more places and learned more than we ever could have on our own!! Thank you!

Visitor: Charlene Shirley – United States – 23/03/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

We really enjoyed the personal tour. Cheryl’s knowledge of the city came through loud and clear. We could even ignore the rain! Sydney is a lovely city, and now we appreciate it even more. Thanks

Visitor: Leslie Gracey – United States – 21/03/2018

Greeter: Cheryl Russell

We had a wonderful day with Andrea. She was so kind and knowledgeable showing us around the highlights of the town. She explained the history and the backgrounds we never learned from the guidebook. She gave us a list of half-day tours for the rest of our days. The trip for the 30th anniversary of our wedding wouldn't have been successful and memorable without her help. I'm a Tokyo Greeter and learned a lot from your work. Thank you for your help and we wish all the best.

Visitor: Junko Murakami – Japan – 22/03/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Richard was an amazing greeter and i had a lovely day. Thank you!

Visitor: Sarah Rowland – Australia – 04/03/2018

Greeter: Richard Darke

Lyn was the best greeter and so knowledgeable about the area. Her enthusiasm for her city was evident in everything she showed us. She became a friend that I always hope to keep in communication with. She as a 10!!! The best

Visitor: Tani Traver – United States – 21/03/2018

Greeter: Lynette Sheather

Our greeter Libby Palmer was great. Libby was very keen in showing us nooks and crannies of Sydney and all the interesting back stories of the city. She was very interactive and knowledgeable of the history of Sydney. We appreciate her to accommodate our timing as well as we had to leave early due to other arrangements. Really looking forward to come back to Sydney and join another Greet!

Visitor: Nazirul Amin Azmi – Malaysia – 20/03/2018

Greeter: Libby Palmer

I enjoyed the greeters tour very much! Thank you !

Visitor: Susanne Raedel – Germany – 13/03/2018

Greeter: Libby Palmer

Thanks Peter at short notice you did a great job nice walk around and good info Great thanks

Visitor: Linda Johnson – United Kingdom – 14/03/2018

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt

Joanne realmente lo hizo agradable y ameno. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda! Fue muy bueno el paseo y las explicaciones de la ciudad. Conocimos lados diferentes de una ciudad tan hermosa, grande, moderna y con historia. Muy interesante el camino del agua. Nuevamente muchas gracias! Ignacio y Silvina.

Visitor: Ignacio Levy – Argentina – 15/02/2018

Greeter: Joanne Karcz

Graham gave us a superb tour. He was full of very interesting information and his knowledge of history was great.

Visitor: Ellen Toreson – Canada – 08/02/2018

Greeter: Graham Spindler

We had a brilliant morning out with Richard and found some hidden gems with him. A delightful stroll with good company. We definitely did some things that we might not have chosen on our own. Russel ( the tour guide ) at Hyde Park Barracks was a scream! Thank you Richard.

Visitor: Sue and Barry Miller – United Kingdom – 14/03/2018

Greeter: Richard Darke

So glad I found this service for our visit to Sydney. We communicated often with Karen and she was on time and very pleasant. Going to Newtown was a special treat for us as we have never have seen it otherwise. The town was great and the murals amazing. Thank you Karen for a wonderful visit and insight to Australia and Sydney. Will be in touch regarding your upcoming trip. Cheers. iliana

Visitor: Iliana & Robert Blair – United States – 05/02/2018

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

Karen our greeter contacted us about two months before our visit to Sydney She was very friendly and we exchanged family/travel info. She went on to contact us on further occations providing miscs. travel/tourist info etc. On the day she met us at our hotel reception and then went on a 3+ hour walk around most of the important Sydney landmarks etc. Karen proving info. and stories about them. We had a great day with Karen who is a lovely lady and very knolegable about her city.

Visitor: Alan Davison – United Kingdom – 23/01/2018

Greeter: Karen Eldridge

Really enjoyed my greet with Brian, who emailed me in advance to get to know my interests, and provided info on lots of other things to do. Ways to improve 1) the service should be mentioned on the Sydney tourist website - I only found out about it from my Brisbane greeter who directed me to the global website, and 2) no clear duration information was given - I certainly wasn't expecting such a long greet!

Visitor: Aisling Hanley – Ireland – 05/11/2017

Greeter: Brian Bowman

Elizabeth was great! She showed me around and explained a lot of rhings I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I really had a lovely time! Thanks, Elizabeth, for making it a special day!

Visitor: Anara Paul – Germany – 20/02/2018

Greeter: Elizabeth Galvin

We had a really good time with Andrea and learned a lot from your beautiful city! Thank you very much, family Uhlemann

Visitor: Dirk Uhlemann – Germany – 05/02/2018

Greeter: Andrea Pulati

Our greeters, April and Lynn, showed us so much more in Sydney and the area than we ever could have seen on our own. We are very grateful for their time and interest. They get an A+

Visitor: Virginia Lamb – Canada – 11/02/2018

Greeter: April Waldron

Brian Elliott was a wonderful guide! He spent the entire day with us and he took us to many places in Sydney that we otherwise would not have seen. The Greeter program is an excellent way to see around any city. Thanks, Brian!

Visitor: Kathie Robinson – Canada – 04/02/2018

Greeter: Brian Elliott

Peter is a gentleman. All his suggestions were very appreciated. I really pass good time with him and I can appreciate Sydney in other way. He was very applicated to understand my poor English and he suggest me others things to see. Thanks very much Peter.

Visitor: Diane Pelletiet – Canada – 27/02/2018

Greeter: Peter Mordaunt